Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sorting everything out

As I promised, I sorted last time haul in the toys that will go in each display. They are:

The Justice League display, for a DC fan it took quite a while, but this is my first Aquaman figure. Oh, the shame if some of my Aqua-fan-friends knew...
The Orion/Lightray two pack is great (but I think Orion should be much more massive)
And the Phantom Stranger is just spot on. Plus the DCUC Mini Atom that came with Gentleman Ghost, I'm currently looking for the Atom of Infinite Heroes, since I think he'll blend in with the 6' figures and will be more noticeable in the display.

I'm just thrilled about this collection. Can't wait to get Amy from wave 6. And Cloberella too, I won't display her, but I want that Robot Santa!

More Batman Rogues: Gentleman Ghost is perhaps the most excuse needing villain (since he was a Hawkman villain at first) But he appears all the time in Batman, the Brave and the Bold. Plus Wikipedia says so.
Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday AND on Gotham swamp. So, he's a Batman villain, no questions asked.
And of course, Catwoman. It took me quite a while to find a Catwoman I actually liked. DCSH is very close to what I had in mind.

This Legendary Comic Book Heroes are the first Marvel Legends figures I've got. I really don't like the ball-jointed legs. I think that while it improves the poseability it really hurts the figure's looks. So, yeah, I guess I'm a form over substance kinda guy. Anyway, in this four figures, the balled legs are not as noticeable as, I don't know, Mad man's? So, I couldn't pass the chance to get Judges Dredd and Death and Clown Face with Panda (used to read Body Bags, a lot).

Plus, a bonus. I also got these:

Hanna Barbera Super-heroes. I had Space Ghost and (Harvey) Birdman. But last week I got Blue Falcon too, finishing the triad of really lame (but adorable) cartoon heroes that got easily spoofed on cable TV.

What? Too specific for a display?


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