Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Complete collection. Part II.

OK, so this post took longer than I thought, true. So sue me (actually don't, I don't have much more than this blog and my toys, and I really like my toys... I guess you can get the blog if you want to).

The reason of the title of this post is that I've completed the MOTU 200X collection (just the figures, with no He-Man or Skeletor variants and with only one repaint of the same character), first I got two figures I never really gave much thought:

The Bone warrior from the Slime Pit Play Set wasn't actually a figure (almost an accessory), and the Snake Teela (exclusive from Toyfare in 2003) was a variant I didn't want. But the fact that I got them both loose and with not a lot of effort made them worthwhile.

The Snake Teela is nicely done, the paint details are good, although I would rather have her with a new head sculpt, with, for example, sculpted fangs or scales, but she was a quick repaint to get an exclusive, so I'm OK with the result.

"I wonder if the scales go all the way up to her... OK, OK... Backing up now"

The Bone warrior (one of Tri-Klops' minions) has the saddest action feature ever: without the safety and when touched on the chest plate, his torso explodes and his entrails cover the floor like it's a Robert Rodriguez film.

Really fun, if you're a kid (or a guy like me), to see He-Man do some real damage at last (that time he ripped off my cousin's toy Beast Man's head off in the 80s was totally an accident). But it's actually quite complicated for a collector to retrieve all the little pieces while keeping your dog away from a tasty plastic lung. Trust me.

Still, is kinda sad that the only purpose you have in life is to die every time someone punches you.


And last but not least I finally got this sucker.

At first I thought this was just another variant, I don't know, "Hypothermia He-Man" or something.

But of course he's the also Toyfare Exclusive Faker. Not much to say about him, he's a repaint just as the original was, he's blue and thus unable to fool anyone into thinking that he's the real He-Man, unless it's really dark, plus, he has an 8-track player on his chest. One way or the other I'm so glad I finally got him.

"BIZARRO!... ehm... I mean... FAKER!"


fishmilkshake said...

Way to go on the completion! Man, that Bone Warrior is a sad dude! I bet he don't get no respect!

Freak Studios said...

Nope, no kid wants to be the Bone Warrior. Which is sad, since it was a cool name for High School band.