Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apparently, size does matter...

One of the main reasons (excuses) I had to buy Gentleman Ghost in Wave 8 of DC Universe Classics was that he came with a Mini Atom figure, and I wanted one for my JL display.

After I saw him I decided that this Atom was a bit too small (that's just stupid, Atom is supposed to be small) to look good on the display. Even in the front of the display the teeny tiny Atom wasn't noticeable enough.

I checked the other Atoms in the market and started a very long quest to find this:

DC Infinite Heroes Atom from Mattel.

Little did I know that Mattel's bizarre distribution system and a line that never really took off were going to be the greatest obstacles in my way.

I asked several friends that live in other countries (covering Australia, the US and several Latin American countries) to locate and send the little bastard. But nobody was able to find it (special mention to FishMilkShake that actually got me the Ryan Choi Atom, a figure I also wanted).

Finally in my trip to San Francisco I was able to find not one but two Atom figures (the DCIH one and the gorgeous Eaglemoss figurine, I'll talk about that one some other time).

The little figure looks better in person than in pictures, the Playmobil hands are so small that are not a big problem in the overall look. That said, I'll say this: I don't like this line, and I wouldn't buy any of the other characters. But I think the sculpt looks good enough to mix with DCD and DCUC figures making Atom, one of my all time favorite characters, more noticeable in the display.

I'll keep the little one somewhere though, he's just too cute.

Until next time.

(Remember that the Freak Studios First Freaky Contest ends in a couple of days! Hurry up!)


Monsterforge said...

Dude... next time you're looking for obscure stuff let me know... the discount stores around here are lousy with those figures (The Atom included) for a few bucks a piece. Don't hesitate to ask me to keep an aye out for junk... the worst I can do is say "They didn't have it."

fishmilkshake said...

Another grail figure down! Well done FS!

chrismandesign said...

Atom was never my favorite DC character (he’s not even in my 30 top comic characters list) but as a not so common character, definitely he has his charm... very well sculpted & painted for his size & yep, too cute among the others "HUGE" DC characters...

Freak Studio said...

@Monsterforge: But I didn't know you then! Now I know you, and knowing is half the battle!

@FMS: Yep, one more down, one bajillion to go...

@Chris: He's one of my favorite characters, don't know why, I guess that I never considered shrinking like a great superpower, but I liked that he managed to beat the bad guys every time.