Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's a moss have

I really need to speed the posts up. I still got re-releases of Skeletor and Beastman to talk about, and Evil-Lyn too. I promise I'll get to them soon enough, but every time I'm ready to do a post about them, something happened.

Last time I was going to, Trap Jaw happened. And now my good friend Dozymuppet (I said anyone that gives me toys is my friend even if I never met them before) sent me this killer figure, and the others got postponed once again.

Check it out, is MOTU Classics gone-in-four-fucking-minutes Moss Man!

As you can see, he looks great in package, but you know I open everything, so...

Lets start with the first thing that hits you when you check the figure: the smell. The minty almost Vic-Vapo-Rub-y smell is not as strong as other people said it would be. Maybe because he was shipped from the US to Australia and the to Argentina, and Moss Man lost a little bit of freshness in the way. And it's a relief, I have my MOTUC display in a closed cabinet, and I really didn't want Moss Man to stink the place up (I'm rooting for an odorless Stinkor when we get to him - yeah, someone at just fell of his chair).

The flocking is very good, better than I expected "partial flocking" would be. And this is, thank goodness, the unflocked ears version (at this point I would have accepted an earless version if that meant having the character - oops, there goes the guy again).

In the accessories department, Moss Man does pretty well. A bag, a knife and a mace. But best of all, the extra head with the new 200X look:

The bag looks cool, is a great addition to the character, you can imagine him collecting wild plants or magic seeds in order to keep Eternia green. The knife is good too, it fits in the bag perfectly. And the mace is nice weapon for a Nature God to have, the sculpt details of vines and wood makes the mace a great weapon on its own and not just a silly repaint (see Weapons Pak).

But the head, man, the head is just amazing! I'm sorry about all you vintage line lovers but the 200X Moss Man just blows the other head out of the water (Again! Wow, that guy from really needs to read this blog wearing a seatbelt).

Thankfully, for the rest of the line I won't have any more trouble. I met recently a guy that in a greed-fueled-moment (Larfleeze would be proud) bought two subscriptions (you know the kind, he, maybe you even ARE the kind). Then he decided that wasn't what he really wanted (he's an opener like me), and is going to sell me the figures when they arrive. So, I'm now a subscriber to MOTUC... Sort of.

So, finally my troubles with Mattel ended! Yes! Finally! Thanks again, Dozy for completing the only figure I needed and wasn't going to get any time soon.

Until next time! What do you mean "Tytus is not a subscription figure and you have to order it from the site..."? Oh, fuck!


chrismandesign said...

this Moss is fantastic... he says loud: "i’m pretty rare & hard-to-get, u know... oh, & i love nature & i’d kill for her =PPP"... i didn’t know that he’s a bit odorous... that’s for his furry finish??? anyway, i dun care, this figure is so attractive that u forget bout odor... & as a gift... man, that’s what i call collector’s generosity-without-frontiers... hehehe, u said u must speed up ur post & i decided to slow down mines, it’s addictive, but u need time for other things too =/

Freak Studio said...

The smell is not because of the flocking, it's on purpose. The original 80s Moss Man had this "action feature", he has a special smell the plastic was sprayed with. Kinda like a pine perfume. This one has a very similar odor. In Argentina, in the 80s he was advertised as "The Master of the Universe that smelled like the forest".