Saturday, May 8, 2010

But Mooooooooooom...

Another post? This is insane.

But I can do it, just have to cut down on the rambling a bit and... Who am I kidding? I can't stop the insane ranting, that's all I know how to do.

And talking about insane, today I have two toys of insane characters. One is insane with evil, the other is just plain crazy. They are the last (I think) of the Toynami run in Futurama toys. in other words: Futurama Wave 8.

The wave has (like all the rest of the line) two figures: Mom and Chef Bender. OK, so maybe this was not the wave of my dreams I anticipated in October 2009, but at least is half of it.

I have to say, that I'm a little pissed, because if wave 8 is in fact the last, then another Bender variation was a lousy way to say goodbye. Also, after Super King in wave 5, Chef bender is just lame. So I won't even post a picture. That's how pissed I am (also, lazy).

But Mom, the head of the oh so evil Mom corporation is just incredible. Behold:

Mom is not packed in with any accessories, which was odd considering all the other figures had at least one cool thing. But that's until you realize that Mom's body feels a little hollow, you apply a little pressure and...

Boom! Mom turns from saggy old maternal woman to thin old evil dominatrix in a second. Instead of a MILF, she's more like a MTSMS (Moms That Scare Me Shitless).

I like how they managed to give us both looks in one really cool figure. Of course, the accessory itself prevents the figure from having a decent articulation. But none of the previous figures were great in that department. So I'm OK with it. Mom's going to the shelve in her suit, because she can't really stand on his own the other way (big head, small feet. You do the math).

What Mom does have are the last parts (that's why I needed Chef Bender) to create the last BAF (actually BAR - as in Build-a-Robot) of the line.

Roberto, the stabby bot!

Roberto is so great that every time I look at him I get less and less angry at Toynami for not making the other waves I demanded last year (but really, they should've known better). And what's not to love? He's big, he's crazy and he has a knife. A cool thing is that the knife is not attached to his arm, so you can display him without it. But I really don't think why would you wanna do that...

I mean... He's a stabby robot!

If this is the last wave, I'm happy about how this line turned out. All the major characters are there, although Nudar in wave 4 stole a place from a more deserving character. Anyone else thinking "Scruffy"?

And don't get me wrong, I love Roberto, but I hate the fact that we're not going to have a Hedonismbot to lower the moral standards of our collections.

(I posted this pic before, but I like it so much I'm gonna post it again)

You still have SDCC Toynami, make it happen!

Until next time.

(I apologize... For nothing!)

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chrismandesign said...

i dunno exactly why i hate Futurama... myb cuz i hate The Simpsons as well... myb is their clumsy sarcasm (at least for my taste)... anyway, these Toynami figures seems really well done with a clean (almost minimalist) mold & paint job... i only knew the Playmates & McFarlane figures, so this is a bit surprising... =O