Sunday, May 2, 2010

Freak Studio's First Freaky Contest!

OK, first a little story behind some really strange figures I have.

In the 80s the MOTU franchise was given by Mattel to an Argentinean company called Top Toys. One of the bases of MOTU popularity back then was that most countries had local companies making the toys, that way, they were cheap enough to become a success.

In 2002, when Mattel was ready to relaunch and revamp He-Man, Top Toys thought that making a MOTU line again was a good idea, so they asked Mattel's permission to use those original molds to recreate MOTU. Mattel of course said "Hell No! we're making another new cool line of MOTU and it's going to be a huge success! BWAHAHAHA" (futurology, not one of Mattel's strongest points).

But the good people of Top Toys honoring the proud Argentinean tradition of "we are in the geographical bottom of the world, who gives a fuck about copyright", decided to use those original molds anyway, with new colors and new names they created a line of eight original characters.

This line was called Fuerza T or T Force. (For a complete list of characters follow that link and go to the bottom of the page).

And here's the deal, I got seven of the eight figures, and in a recent trade I got a character I already had. This one:

He's called Pantano (Swamp)and is basically a Beastman repaint (in black) with glow in the dark paint in the eyes and teeth, the bio in the card says that he lives in swamps, lakes the bottom of the ocean and quick sand pits (?). He eats carrion and makes his weapons with bones and seaweed (?).

He was given Mer-Man's armor in dark green and also Mer-Man's infamous "Corn Sword" in the same color.

OK, so now you know the prize, lets get on with the contest. Here are the rules:

1) Using parts and accessories of the vintage MOTU line, create a new character. You can draw it, customize it or photoshop it. I don't mind.
2) Give your creation a name (it doesn't have to be a Typical MOTU Pun Name, but that could help). Also give him a short bio, something like the all that crap you've read above.
3) Send your creation, name and bio to
4) If you win, take a pic with the toy or with the toy added to your collection.
5) You have a month, the contest will end in the June the 3rd, in June the 5th the winner will be announced.
6) If you have any doubts feel free to comment or send me an email.
7) If you have a blog, feel free to share this contest and also participate in it.

And now for my part:

The toy that I'll give away is the same you see in the pics, is MOC but has a little damage in the bottom of the bubble (but, hey, it's free!). I'll send this toy to wherever in the World the winner is. After the announcement of said winner I'll send him/her an email to ask for the specific details of their location.

I think that's it.

Until next time. Start creating and good luck!


Monsterforge said...

You have an excellent blog, and this contest rules! I'll be sure to plug it on my blog! This is going to be fun!

Freak Studio said...

Glad you like it Monsterforge. Welcome to the blog! Thanks for sharing and participating! Good luck!