Friday, May 7, 2010

Hugging up the big Monkey Man

Let me talk about the concept of the BAF or C&C (depending to where your allegiance is) for a second, if you don't mind.

I, as a guy who appreciates toys, think is a great and fun idea. The fact that you can get a bonus figure (and a big one at that) by buying other toys, the mere thought that a greedy-money-gabbing-toy-company can give you a present in the form of a C&C is just plain amazing! And makes me feel like a kid in front of Santa.

I, as a cherry picking collector, hate the idea of having to buy a complete wave just to own a kick-ass huge figure made of pure awesomeness with a great detailed sculpt and articulation. I hate the stupid-money-wasting-toy-companies for giving it away instead of making it easy for me and just let me pay for the damn thing instead of hunt down a complete one. Or worst, hunt down a complete wave of figures I don't want just to get the one I do.

So, as you can see, I'm in a love/hate relationship with the C&C concept.

Sometimes is love, I got the Metamorpho I needed for my JL display for almost nothing.
Sometimes is hate, I still don't have Kilowog!
Sometimes is love, a could get the pieces of Atom Smasher from a good collector friend.
Sometimes is hate, Wave 14 is another damn Walmart exclusive and I really really really want Ultra-Humanite!

Today, is love:

I was able to track down the last of the DCUC's C&C I really wanted: Gorilla Grodd!

He's the one Gorilla you can't miss because he's not only a huge Gorilla in the middle of a city talking about his plans of World domination (that, usually, would tip you off), but he's also the one Gorilla that almost all of the time has cables sticking out of his head.

Like this.

You see, this pointers on how to recognize a giant talking gorilla may sound stupid. But in the World of DC comics a law abiding citizen should know these things.

For example, you can't confuse Grodd with Congorilla...

See? the lack of cables and the addition of a red jacket are always good pointers (he's also yellow).

Also, you don't want to confuse either of these with Monsieur Mallah:

He would be the ape with a burette and a sissy brain in a jar. You may also notice that he speaks with a French accent. Does it make sense? No. Is it awesome? Yes.

Sorry about the digression there, I really hate when people get their monkeys mixed up.

I really like Mattel's Gorilla Grodd. And I LOVE the fact that I found it in perfect shape and just for the price of one figure. Going to swap meets in parks is always a good idea in Argentina, if you are coming here anytime soon keep that in mind.

Until next time. Unhand me you damn dirty ape!


AAAGGGHHH!!! said...

Great score! Finding good toys at swap meets is awesome, but it's getting harder to do these days (around here at least). I try to widen my scope in order to collect cool toys on a small budget.

chrismandesign said...

yep... this Gorilla Grodd is gorgeous... it’s he or she ??? i’m not sure yet... the mold of Mattel is superb (i think even better than that of DC Direct, but i’ll see with my own eyes soon, cuz my friend-colleague-provider brings one of this DCD pieces...) oh, u want one piece of Kilowog ??? me too... one Black Lantern Series 1 to b more precise, really hard-to-get-big-good-guy... but who knows ???

Freak Studio said...

AAAGGGHHH!!!: Is hard to find anything worthwhile here too, but sometimes a treasure shows up. Small budget and toy collection are usually contradicting terms... Specially if you live in a country that has almost nothing at retail.

Chrisman: Gorilla Grodd is a he. I think is better than the DCD one too (but that one's still very impressive). I think you are mistaken, Kilowog is the C&C of Mattel's DC Universe Classics line. Blackest night is a DCD line, and Kilowog is not part of it... Not yet, at least.

chrismandesign said...

u r right Freak, my mistake... actually i was talkin’ bout the DCD Green Lantern Series 1, but i was confused cuz in this series there is a Black Hand (Black Lantern)...