Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Brave and DeLuxe

I like Mattel's DCUC, the sculpts from the 4 Horsemen are incredible and except from a few things here and there (like the hideous female buck) I'm very happy picking up the figures I want, and enjoying them very much.

But they are not Mattel hottest line.

I love Mattel's MOTUC, again the 4 Horsemen behind the wheel, and the nostalgia factor added to the modern way of producing action figures is more than enough to avoid hating the line every time it sells out in a nanosecond. Anyway, with all there is against the line, I jump up and down like a kid when I get one of the figures.

But they are not Mattel hottest line.

I'm addicted to Mattel's JLU, I have every different figure produce so far (except for one, damn Holliday Hal!), they are an incredible fun line that runs deep in the core of the DC Universe and brings us obscure characters in a shape I, particularly, love. I'm a sucker for the Timmverse.

But they are not Mattel hottest line.

Mattel hottest line right now, I declare it, is this one:

Action League, from Batman - The Brave and The Bold. I just can't enough of this mini guys!

This dude up here is the Gentleman Ghost and his Ghost horse. They are part of one of the five Deluxe packs this line has. This includes, the good gentleman, his horse and a Batman (all of them have a Batman) that's wearing very chic Nth Metal knuckles.

Wanna know what Nth metal is? Wikipedia has an article about it. Amazing, right?

Gentleman Ghost and his Horse have a special feature too, they glow in the dark! And as you can see you can put GG in his horse quite comfortably. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep the horse in the display at first, after all, he's kind of a vehicle, but when I saw how cool they were together how could I say no?

There's another version of GG that comes with the Toys-R-Us exclusive Action League 6 pack, it's translucent. But I think I'll stick to this one.

The thing about the Deluxe packs that makes them... well... Deluxe, is that they are big, waaaay bigger than a usual two pack, because they have a cool extra, like the glowing horse, or because they have a very big figure inside, something like...

Gorilla Grodd! The baddest of the bad apes in the DC Univ... Wait! Didn't I just talked about him? Like, three days ago?

Oh yes, yes I did.

Grodd and Batman are one cool two-pack, Grodd is huge (for this scale) and it is done perfectly. He has ball joints in his shoulders (that's the best articulation so far in the line) and he's very well detailed. Also, his mind control helmet comes off. Superb.

The Batman, of course, is Tiger Batman, or Jungle Batman, or Schumacher deco Batman. Don't look at me like that... Every geek makes Joel Schumacher jokes... Even Bruce Timm.

You don't believe me?

Here's Joel Schumacher in Batman The Animated Series:

Ehem... Moving on.

I said there were five Deluxe packs: You have seen two of them. Other two I didn't get, Batman with the Bat-sub, and Batman with the Bat-cycle. They only had Batman repaints and a vehicle, and I'm not a fan of vehicles.

But the fifth one, oh, the fifth one I needed...

That last one was Batman (in Tim Burton's Batman suit), and also the Batmobile. and a figure that wasn't released anywhere else, ever:

A villain so cool, so kitsch, so absolutely necessary for an 80s Injustice League fan like me, that I didn't care if I had to buy the goddam car to get him. I wanted him. Plus, I have a friend that likes the vehicles but doesn't like the figures, so I'm gonna sell the car to him and get some money back. How's that?

How can I say no to Batman?

Until next time.

(Looking good there Batman!)


fishmilkshake said...

Wow! Such fun stuff.

Monsterforge said...

Man... I saw the Gentleman Ghost and Batman set at a really good price the other day but passed it up because I wasn't really keen on the Batman figure. I had no idea the Gentleman Ghost figure was so awesome out of the package... and he glows!!! Bonus!

I guess I'll be going back to pick one up!

chrismandesign said...

man... i do love these figures & the vehicules (if i lived in Argentina, i’ll b the owner of that pretty batmobile, for sure)... i haven’t seen those figures yet in my country (i could order’em but i’m out of money...) anyway i’ll try the vehicules sets later, when my finances recover their health

Freak Studio said...

FMS: Yep, told you, the best line right now!

Monsterforge: I'm glad you're enjoying it already.

Chrisman: I'll keep an eye out for Batmobiles or these little guys if you want.