Sunday, May 23, 2010

Core of evil

I said in Moss Man's post that I had several MOTU Classic figures to talk about, well I already got Optikk now, but if I keep skipping these, I have the feeling I'll never be able to talk about them. And believe me, they are so much more important than a freaky one eyed space mutant.

In fact, these are three figures that establish the core of evil in Eternia:

First of all I was able to get the re-releases of Skeletor and Beast Man. And I'm really happy about that. I call them (and the third figure, you may know who she is) the Core of Evil, because they are by far the most relevant bad guys in Eternia, I would add Trap Jaw, Mer-Man and even Tri-Klops to that list, but of the six great villains, only three were part of a motion picture starred by the one and only Ivan Drago and that chic from Friends.

As I said before, I always liked the bad guys better than the good guys when I was a kid. And Skeletor is one of the reasons why that is. Well, I'm not going to get in that online fight to determine if Skeletor was more of a badass than Hordak or if it was the other way around.

It was always clear to me, that Hordak was designed to be like the... Like the Super Saiyan version of Skeletor if you allow me to use that expression, he had like the same concept of a skull in a muscular body, only instead of a human skull was a monster skull. He was also a shape shifter and that's kinda badass.

That being said, I always liked Skeletor better. Why? Because most of the time the original is always better, even than the mega hardcore copy. (Wally West being an exception of this, there, I said it!)

MOTUC Skeletor is great, he's a simple design with lots of details. Thank you 4 Horsemen! And I'm displaying him with the staff, because I'm tired of all the Power Swords and half Power Swords, and also, because when I was a kid, Skeletor weapon was, without exception, the staff.

I like this figure, the sculpted fur is a nice touch also the feet are great, and stand out from the rest of the line. The face is frozen in an eternal growl and the colors remind me of a baboon's face. Until this moment, I've never pictured Beast Man like a Monkey Man, I always thought he was more like a lion/wolf man when I was a kid. But I think it works, he's supposed to be every animal, right?

Also, nobody says "Mumbling henchmen" like Beast Man. He was so of much a must-have for this line, that he was released before Skeletor. Because you know that if you're releasing the evil master, the evil minion has to be there early to get Snake Mountain ready for him. He's with Skeletor almost 24/7, so he must have an anecdote or two...

I'm not even going to start with his name being "Raquel", because if we are going to talk silly names, we might as well talk about the queen:

Evil-Lyn real name (according to her bio) is Evelyn.

Wait, what?

I'll say it again: Evil-Lyn's real name is actually Evelyn. In a world filled with Stupid names like Squidish Rex, Trydor Esooniux Scope, Araneus, Hec-Tor Kur and Raqquill Rqazz (I couldn't resist mentioning it, man, Eternian parents are the biggest assholes in the World when it comes to naming their children), Evil-Lyn's code name is the worst, why? Because her REAL name is EVELYN MORGAN POWERS.

That's like the best name ever, especially if you are an evil sorceress. I don't know if this is an actual original He-Man bible name or just part of the new rebooted MOTU Universe Mattel is going for. But this is too much, you just turned a pun into a disgrace.

OK, so... Other names for Evil-Lyn... and... GO!

The figure itself is very nice. It's basically a Teela repaint, so, if you liked Teela, you are going to like this one too. I liked that they used the original blue and yellow of the old toy instead of the pale skin and gray suit of the 200X series. I don't mind. And when Mattel finally makes a new release with the revamped colors, that's another figure I can avoid. Thanks Mattel for saving me money.

Evil-Lyn comes with Screeech, her version of Zoar (it's the fourth time we see this eagle Mattel, aren't you spreading the eagle thing a little bit too thin?). Well, at least this time the eagle has an actual perch to stand, and a kick-ass rocket launcher so, yeah, he's going on display, unlike the others.

Until next time.

(But, I mean, really? How can you mess up a name like EVELYN MORGAN POWERS!!!)


Monsterforge said...

Sooooo jealous!!! Epic evil figures, man!

fishmilkshake said...

Hahhahahaha! Most evil post ever!

Corey said...

You have an awesome collection, it would be nice if you shared your collection on a site like so that people could examine each individual piece and comment about it.

chrismandesign said...

these evil characters seem sometimes a bit cartoonish for me... i guess that impress is cuz i prefer Thundercats over MOTU & when i compare Skeletor with Moon-Ra, the last one looks like a worst threat (just compare their peals of laughter)... on the other hand, the figures themselves r pretty attractive, the detail & colour scheme is fantastic, i must say...

Freak Studio said...

@Monsterforge: That's why I created this blog, to make you jealous! BWAHAHAHA!

@FMS: Thanks, I try to be a little bit more evil every day.

@Corey: Thanks, I'll check it out.

@Chris: They are a bit cartoonish, that's what MOTU is all about. That, and furry underwear.