Monday, June 21, 2010

Action League now!

Do you remember that animated segment from Nickelodeon's show Kablam!?

It was silly, and pretty amusing and the stars were toys. What's not to love. You should really try looking for it on youtube if you don't know what I'm talking about. But I'm not here to talk about them.

In an unexpected turn of events, Mattel captured and (probably) stole the name Action League... Maybe they didn't steal it, but they owned it, and that's why the show was called Action League Now! I don't know, what do you expect from me? C'mon!

Oh, anyway, Action League is the best thing Mattel has in stores right now, as I've said before. And in my (not so) recent trip to San Francisco I was able to secure (almost) all the figures I was missing, namely these:

FOUR figures from THREE TWO-packs of the ONE line that just keeps getting better. You can't ignore the math here).

First Kanjar Ro, he's not one of my favorite bad guys, but he was important in the show, and was the only one I was missing from Wave 1. He looks evil and alien and angry, so there's really not much more I can ask from him.

Scarecrow is the second inclusion of someone from Batman main villain gallery. First one was Joker. I'm expecting a Two-Face that can really kick some ass done in this style. Scarecrow is my favorite of the bunch, he looks amazing.

The last adittion was the Wildcat/Black Lightning two-pack and is a great example of what the line really needs. I love Batman because he's... Well... The Goddamn Batman! of course. But, I could skip some Bat-love and exchange it for some more characters. This wave had two packs without Batman (great!). This was one of them.

Black Lightning has his reimagined look from the show with the hoodie and the jeans, I like this look for a teenage superhero.

Wildcat looks pretty cartoonish (I don't mind that), pretty old (that either) and pretty badass (I especially don't mind that). I like that he wears bandages over his gloves and not over his bare hands. I always thought that was kinda stupid, but it's classic and I like that they kept it for the redesign.

I know Deadman, Bronze Tiger, The Metal Men (as alloy), Sinestro, Chemo and Earth II Robin are coming. I can't wait people. Lets start releasing these bad boys faster, pretty please?

Until next time.

(Oh, the one pack I couldn't get was the one with Guy Gardner and Dr. Polaris, so if you find it, let me know! Pretty please?)


chrismandesign said...

love, love, love ♥♥♥ (did i say love) then i repeat: i love’em... totally shocking F !!! since i hav no money, for me to take a ride to toy stores right now, is a torture i can’t stand, so i couldn’t find if this line is available here (cuz Mattel has direct representation in Colombia & i guess is the only one, blehhhh... why there r not more intellingent toy companies with representation here ??? i feel myself in the third world... oh, i realized that truly i’m in the third world, blehhhhh... LOL)

Bubbashelby said...

There was actually a set of the Action League NOW! figures made for a fast food restaurant some years back. I have them of course. I loved Kablam.

Still not seeing anything new in the Batman Action league department around here - that Scarecrow looks particularly nice!

Dr. Theda said...

Very good "Scarecrow" joke good Sir... I will be posting pics of my toys starting in about a few weeks ... I will have to have someone take pic and E-Mail them to me... Many older toys mostly ...And My "Joker" collection... !!!
Monsters and Villains are what the collection is ...Not a "Hero" in the whole Batch....