Saturday, June 12, 2010

Turn on, Tune in and Corpse Out

During my trip to San Francisco I was able convince my girlfriend (mostly by lying to her about interesting places to see) to do a little tour of Toy ad Comic stores. There, I managed to get three more figures for my Black Lantern Corpse display of JLZombies.

First, from DC Direct Blackest Night - Wave 2. Martian Manhunter.

I just find the sculpts of this line appealing. I think they are doing a great job showing some gruesome decay in the bodies of the fallen heroes. I've read the Blackest Night event, wasn't really moved by it but still thought it was kinda cool. Since I wasn't really following but read most of it in one sitting I didn't get tired of it like some people did.

The figure just comes with the base and the soft rubber cape, competes with Superman for most display space taken. I like the way he looks and he stands fine, I'm OK treating this as plastic DCD sculptures, for articulation I already got Mattel.

I think Aquaman from Wave 3 is the scariest of the lot. The face sculpt is horrifying and also I think he can telepathically control sushi. I like sushi, but you have to agree is one scary food. I think one of the reasons he's so spooky is because of the orange top. All the other Black Lanterns wear black/silver/grey outfits, this one stands out from the crowd.

A note in zombie fashion. As a zombie you usually move in large groups, so you will want to stand out in some way. Take a look at this picture:

See how your eyes tend to see the guy in the yellow coat? That's because he knew what he was doing. If you're bitten by a zombie, make sure to be wearing an outfit that makes a statement.

Take Firestorm from Wave 4, for example:

He doesn't have a lot going in the costume department, but he compensates with blue flames coming out of his head, eyes, mouth and insignia. a bit of a show off for my taste, but the sculpt in this case is also excellent.

The plastic used by DCD for the package is quite sturdy and some warpage may occur. A little balance exercise may be needed to stand these figures at first, but one you have that down, they won't fall... for a couple of days...

Also, when I returned I was able to get Dead Wonder Woman (also from Wave 4):

She doesn't have as much love as the others in the sculpting department, I think she's mostly a repaint. But if you've read the comic it kinda makes sense. Still, I don't think a lot of people would want to buy a rotting Wonder Woman, no sir, we want our zombie girls hot...

And in that note...

Until next time.

(Remember, wear your brightest colors even during the Blackest Night, 'cause you may be a zombie, but are still an individual... Right?)

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chrismandesign said...

hehehe... i’m trying to get any info bout BN, i mean to read the respective comic series, but that’s my colleagues’ department (i’m not a comic collector, but i hav a few)... seems interesting... i had no plans to collect this line, but since i get that gorgeous WW from AFB, well, she’ll b the one & only (pretty appropiate, dun u think so ???)... anyway F, those r very attractive figures & look great in exhibition !!!