Friday, June 4, 2010

Can't take my eye off of you...

OK, so you know I'm going to talk about Optikk, and by the title you may deduce that he's just too good to be true. Well, he's not. But don't get me wrong, he's good. He's very good even. But I don't like to exaggerate, he's good enough to be true.

Now, I don't want this blog to become too MOTUCentric (see what I did there?), but since a MOTUContest ended yesterday and I'll be announcing the winner among the MOTUContestants... (What? Too much? OK) I thought it would be correct to post something He-Man-y in the middle.

Optikk is from the New Adventures of He-Man, a series so bad that never premiered in Argentina (that I know of... And I usually know this stuff). But when I finally saw a couple of episodes of that stupid stupid show, and looked for the action figures, of course, Optikk was the only one I said "hey, this guy is pretty cool". And guess what? He is.

I'm glad we got Optikk in the Classics line, I'm not so sure about the other characters.

This Optikk looks great, the amount of detail in the armor makes me forget it's Trap-Jaw's body. And I like the accessories, the ray gun (or... Photon neutralizer? Really?) and even the shield. I think the shield was actually designed for some other character, or to be reused, so the 4 Horsemen had to do it kinda generic. But I thin it fits the figure.

Many people complained about the eye being just a white ball. I agree, but then again, most of those people asked for veins in the eye as details. I think that would have ruined the figure a bit. I think something like circuits would have been awesome.

Like many other s before him, Optikk comes with an extra head an angry (orange) eye. An eye that, for some reason was covered in a horrible oily residue when I opened the box. I had to clean it up with a tissue... Gross!

Anyway, I like the green eye better, so I guess Orangy is going to an extended vacation on Extra Head Island... Wait, I feel an idea coming... No, it's just indigestion... NO! WAIT! IT IS AN IDEA!

I bring you:


And now, we get to the same part as always with this new MOTUCharacters (oh, had to do it just one more time...) his "real" name. And Mattel decided to make a funny with this one. Real name: "Pronounced through a series of blinks".
Haha, Mattel, we got it, he has a giant eye for a head. Well, you know what he doesn't have... A FUCKING EYELID, THAT'S WHAT!!!

So, Mattel, how can he blink?

Until next time.

(The ball is on your court Mattel, I'm expecting an answer in 24 hours... Or Some time next week).


chrismandesign said...

this character is from the recent MOTU tv series ??? if that’s the case, then that series is more than stupid, is just a piece of crap... i dunno why they squander the art direction & character design into those moronic stories, they r a waste of time even for kids... but this Optikk is pretty weird, i love it !!!

Freak Studio said...

Chris, calm down mate, He's not from the 2000 series, but from the one called the New Adventures of He-Man. It was an attempt to reboot the old series and premiered in 1990, thankfully almost nobody remembers it. And the character designs were, indeed, pretty bad, Optikk was kinda cool, but that's it.

Still I didn't get your comment, do you like it or not??? :)

chrismandesign said...

did i sound angry ??? LOL... well, i saw recently a He-Man/MOTU TV series, i dun remember if that was from 2000 series or the New adventures of He-man... the only thing i remember was the great character design, a full contrast with the jerk lines they said... i mean, that was a worst torture than to watch a complete chapter of Barnie & Friends... & bout Optikk, yep i like it so much cuz he’s weird =PPP