Thursday, June 10, 2010

AmeriCat Woman

In the World of Toys (hmm, that's not good enough, it kinda needs and adjective... The Wonderful World of Toys? Still not good enough, The Wonderful Wide World of Toys? Nah... The Wonderful Wide World of Wicked Toys? I'll keep trying)...

In the something something something World of Toys, if you are a collector there are two kinds of toys, those toys you need and those toys you want. For example Some time ago, I decided that I wanted to get in the Futurama boat. But they were in wave 4 or 5 at the moment and getting the two figures of wave one was really hard. So I found a guy that was selling all the waves, arranged a price for all of them, dusted one of my piggy banks filed with Krugerrands, smashed it with a hammer, shed a tear and jumped in the line with full force, my eyes closed and the hope that I didn't kill myself when I reached the ground.

Those were toys I needed.

For the toys you want, you can wait. Well, I waited and it finally paid off:

In Argentina is almost as hard to get a Catwoman from the Hush line as it is to get Nightwing. But I had a stroke of luck and found a guy that was trying to sell his Hush collection. The catch was that he didn't want to split it 'cause he thought he'll end up with figures he wasn't going to be able to sell. I offered him a deal: If I could locate buyers for the other figures I could keep Catwoman. One good thing? Collectors love Hush figures. A couple of phone calls later, my friends got a great deal on some toys, the guy sold all of his and I could buy Catwoman. I felt like The Kingpin (of course I could never fill a white suit like he does, but still, it felt good).

Catwoman, like all female figures from Hush has a gorgeous sculpt and, unlike the other females from Hush, she can stand perfectly on her own. She also has the Goggles sculpted as a separated piece so you can see her eyes through them.

Surprisingly there are not a lot of Catwoman figures, and they are really hard to find (or are sadly out of scale). This is the modern look of Catwoman, but I like the simplicity of it. SO, I'm OK with it.

Before this one I had the Catwoman from Mattel's line DC Super Heroes. Like the line that came after that (DCUC) the women are puny little things, see for yourself:

As you can see, the details and the design are almost the same, but DC Direct comes out as the winner of this challenge. The only two things that the Mattel one has that are cooler are:

1) The sculpted Backpack. The DCD one doesn't have it.
2) She comes with her cat.

Well, I think I can do something about that last one...

I'm glad to finally have this toy in my collection. I waited for it some time, and that just made it sweeter when I found it. Some times, the toys you want are way better than the toys you need.

Until next time.

(Maybe if I eat at McDonald's for like three years and order a white suit I can... No, that's OK... I'll pick a better role model from comics... Hmm, maybe if a shave my head and my beard I can be a good Lex Luthor...)


chrismandesign said...

i totally love this gorgueous figure of Catwoman... as in Argentina, there is no availability of any figure from Hush series here in Colombia (indeed, DC Direct has no representation in our country)... luckly i can get this figure through a friend of mine, but at this moment i’m out of money & Hush figures r expensive due to their low availability, so i can wait... my consolation prize ??? an extremely rare (specially in this side of the world) Catwoman minifigure from Takara that i’ll publish someday... did i say that Catwoman is gorgeous ??? then i must add: insanely voluptous, precious...

Freak Studio said...

@Chris: I'm glad you like her, but watch out... I think you're drooling on your keyboard :)