Saturday, June 5, 2010

You too can be a WINNER

In the mind of every kid of the 80s there's at least one MOTU character that never saw the light of day, because of costs, because Mattel didn't have the balls to do it, or because nobody thought of it. Some place in Toy Heaven there's this character, it's real, it's yours and it's waiting for you to play with it along with all the toys you had as a kid... Man I sense the beginning of a New Religion. Toyism?

But I digress (send your donations to the Toyist church to Freak Studio P.O. Box 63517, Argentina)...

Ahem, In the case of our two finalists, that toy is not waiting for them there. Because they made it themselves!

I'm sure they were going to make them anyway, but the fact that I, with this contest, encouraged them at least a tiny bit, the thought that I helped just a little makes me incredibly happy. These are three works of art.

Let's start with a double entry by usual comentator AAAGGGHHH!!!

Lets find out more about him with the bio AAAGGGHHH!!! sent:

Shitor : Shitite Warrior

It is said that from the primordial ooze of feces and waste beneath Eternia evolved a race of dark sewer dwellers known as the Shitites. Only fabled to exist, people who claim to have seen them are often dismissed as crazy, some of these people strangely disappear soon after speaking of what they had seen. Stories of stench ridden mud men lurking in the dark are often told to the youth to scare them from playing near the sewer gates, but like all legends, there just may be some truth to these fables. Speak not of what I have just told you!

Shitor is an incredibly fun character that strikes us in the very core of a South Park Potty Humor Loving Souls. I liked him, but not as mush as his second entry:

Matango : Mushroom Ninja

Beneath Avion city, where dung and garbage have been collecting for centuries there is a thriving nocturnal society. Little is known of these fungus creatures, in fact one the only things known of them is that they don't want to be known. In secret, they have a pact with the Avions- "Speak not of us, and we will not bother you. Do not enter our domain, and we will not enter into yours". People who have studied them from a distance say that they lie dormant during the day, and when the sun goes down, these silent mushroom people start to awaken and move about. They appear to be a highly developed race with focus on discipline and fast paced fighting skills, which come in handy given the horrible monsters that are also said to thrive beneath Avion. I have said too much.

Man! This one is just so awesome. The work and love that went out in this toy is surreal. I just wish I had a Matango when I was a kid. Even the name is great! And did I mentioned he's a FUCKING MUSHROOM NINJA? Congratulations to AAAGGGHHH!!! My friend, you are a true artist. Don't forget to check his site for really crazy toy finds

Now lets see our second finalist, another regular comentator: Monsterforge.

I knew Monsterforge was a great sculptor, he just released a series of little figures called Kawaiiju that are incredible. I'll talk about them in the near future. But when I received this I was blown out of the water:

BRAWLOR: Four Armed Master of Combat

Brawlor was an enslaved gladiator on the Dark Side of Eternia until He-Man broke him free from the gladiatorum and gave him the choice to join the evil forces of Skeletor or to become a heroic defender of Grayskull. Brawlor chose to join He-Man and has become one of the most loyal allies that He-Man has ever known. He is a master of armed and unarmed combat. His four arms allow him to break any hold and take down any foe!

Are you guys watching this? Tell me this isn't amazing! Tell me, I dare you! You can't, right? I love this figure in so many levels I just can't express it. He's a heroic warrior, but he looks like a four-armed monster. He-Man buddies (with some exceptions) were always almost "normal" guys, but I really liked the monsters better. The inclusion of this character would have made the difference in my MOTU battles as a kid. Also, check his awesome toy blog.

OK, so now I have to pick a winner. And I really don't want to... The fight is between Brawlor and Matango, and they are both great.

But the Fuerza T Pantano goes to...


MF, send me your address in a mail so I can mail you your Fuerza T character. And AAAGGGHHH!!! thanks a lot for everything and I make a promise right here, right now, if I ever get my hands in another repeat Fuerza T is yours man, you deserve it!

OK, so, now the winner has to send me the winning custom figure... What? It was in the rules... Check it out... Nah, I'm joking! (But seriously, I want it). Hahaha, joking again... Or am I?

Congratulations Monsterforge, and thanks to everybody that halped this contest to be a success!

Until next time.

(But mooooooom I want a Brawlor and a Matango! I don't care if it's not my birthday! I WANNA!)


idlechimp said...

Seems like a fair trade! A custom for the Fuerza! Do it Monsterforge!

Great contest and congrats to the winner and runner up! Cool figures!

Monsterforge said...

Thanks a BUNCH, FS! I'm glad you dug the custom... he's all up in ARMS about being the winning entry. Haw haw haw!

I gotta say, though... if I had been picking the winner, that turd monster would have won... you can't beat poop toys!!! :D

Excellent work, AAAGGGHHH!!! I love the idea behind both of your entries and the workmanship on Matango is particularly beautiful!

Thanks for holding the contest, FS!!! You're the man, man!

AAAGGGHHH!!! said...

WOW! It's an honor to come in second place to such a great customizer, congratulations MF! Even if I could choose the winner, it would be yours.
Great contest Freak, are you going to show us the other entries?

Reis O'Brien said...

Brawlor RULES!

Freak Studio said...

@Idlechimp: Thanks for your trying, but the rules were clear, this is for the design. It was a contest, not a trade. MF won that figure for free, and he deserved it. Also, welcome to the blog. And please don't break my toys :)

@MF and AAAGGGHHH!!!: As I said, it was really super hard to choose a winner. I finally ended up with Brawlor 'cause he had the least new tooling and it was a "reused part contest". But I was being serious when I said I was going to send you a Fuerza T figure AAAGGGHHH!!!, this is not an "if I find another one", it's a "when I find another one" promise.

MF: Remember you have to take a pic of you and Pantano or him in your collection when you get him.

Freak Studio said...

Hey Reis, yeah, I though you might like that one!

Monsterforge said...

@AAAGGGHHH!!!: I don't think of it as coming in second... think of it as "I MADE AN AWESOME TURD MONSTER!!!!" Seriously... that thing cracked me up when I saw it... and Matango is a brilliant design. We need to see more customs from you!

@Reis: Thanks, good sir! I kinda figured you'd dig it... he's kinda barbaric!

@FS: Oh, you can bet your butt I'll be taking pics of this guy... expect a blog entry as well when he gets here... YEAH!!! I have wanted one of these dudes for a while!

Your contest has inspired me... I think I'll be having one of my own in the near future... You rock, man!!!

chrismandesign said...

hey... those were great jobs & efforts, very valuables !!! ... congrats for both finalists, i wouldn’t dare to do that, i mean to customize an action figure in that way... the only exception would b my model kits for obvious reasons... =OOOOO