Sunday, June 27, 2010

The end of my First Freaky Contest (and a lesson on how Karma works)

One of the few things I asked when I established the rules for my Win a Fuerza T contest was that the winner was supposed to take some pics of it with his collection.

Monsterforge won, and he took the pics:

Here's Pantano with the 200X beastman and Brawlor, the figure that made his journey possible.

And here he is in the final place he'll (hopefully) ever be, as part of the amazing collection of a really cool guy. Check Monsterforge's blog for more pics of Pantano and his amazing collection.

But here's how Karma works: Do you remember the Kawaiiju figures I bought from MF? You should. As I was anouncing the winner of my contest, MF had a contest of his own planned. He hid a "Golden Ticket" inside one of the blind bags. He shuffled the bags and sent them. And the golden ticket traveled quite a distance and ended up in Argentina.

In other words: I WON!

What was my prize?

This awesome thing!

"What's that awesome thing?" You may ask. That's the biggest Kawaiiju of them all! Big Daddy... I'll let Monsterforge explain it.

This guy is all kinds of cool but, like the other, smaller Kawaiijus you shouldn't feed it to a baby. Bummer.

The sculpt is great, it's also unique as the rest of the series. And all the eyes, the arms and the legs of this masterpiece just makes me want to do a little jump of joy. As I said, MF is working, or will start soon, on Kawaiiju series 2. I truly recommend you to get some (if I don't buy them all first, that is).

Oh, by the way, this is how Big Daddy will look from your point of view when he destroys your city:

Another plus to this figure is that now I won't necessarily think in Nicholas Cage when somebody says "Big Daddy". And that's always a good thing.

The name though, is the one thing that intrigues me...

I guess it's not just me.

Until next time.

(Surprisingly, Big Daddy is not the only thing I won, stay tuned for more posts about good luck coming my way. Well, maybe I'm not THAT lucky, I'll show you why soon).


Monsterforge said...

Thank you so much for this awesome write-up! Making people happy with my creations is the greatest reward I could ever hope for! Have fun terrorizing your other toys with Big Daddy!

chrismandesign said...

a brand new "home-made" toy is always a great surprise, a one of a kind surprise, i must say, with all his cool "merchandising" stuff... congrats for both of u on this Double-KO win... i feel lucky these days too =D