Monday, June 7, 2010

Kawaiiju attack!

The next figures I'm going to talk about are something that I, some time ago, might have said, were not my "cup of tea". Well, life taught me that usually when say stuff like that, you should really shut the Hell up and drink the damn tea, because it's actually delicious.

Yesterday I announced that Monsterforge was the winner of the Fuerza T contest. I also said I knew he was a great sculptor. That's because he released a series of little figures called Kawaiiju, these are not really toys, but wander dangerously into the territory of what I like to call art.

These pieces are really limited, he only made 30 unique hand made not casted designs and sold them on his blog.

Sometime ago I might have said "those look great but I'm not interested in blah, blah, blah", actually what I said in this case was "those are amazing, I'll take three if you didn't sell them all already". I was lucky.

After several days of waiting and nail biting, the box with my Kawaiiju arrived. The cool thing about this series is that MF packed them in blind bags so nobody knew what figures they had...

Also, he included a hand made "thank you" card. Awesome. Lets see which ones I got:

Grumblor. The art included the name, a description and an attack the little monster uses. It also says "This is a special action toy for the serious collector. Do not feed to babies!".

Each character had a hand made card too!

At first, when I saw the 30 characters, Lavarah wasn't in my top picks. But the pic taken by MF just didn't do him justice, he's very cool, his teeth are sculpted and very detailed.

And Zirrion is the dream of every Sci-fi geek (like me). A cute space robot. I loved him right away.

When I was trying to decide what I was going to do with the silly comic in this review my girlfriend suggested I should do something artistic. But I can't do that... So I wrote a silly poem... Using toys... I think I invented a genre. Here it is:

I think (hope) Monsterforge is working on Kawaiiju wave 2, but I strongly suggest you not to buy them... Is it because they are not going to be great? No... It's because I want them to myself! They will be mine!

Until next time.

(Mine I tell you! MINE!)


Monsterforge said...

HA! I love it! That poem is the bee's knees! I'm going to link this blog post on my blog so everyone can enjoy your creativity!

Thanks so much for the purchases and for the kind words about the figures.

You're the man, man!

krakit said...

Congratulations on getting
some Kawaiiju, Freak Studio.

I'm definitely looking forward
to Monsterforge's second series
also. And I believe he's not
going to do it blind box, but
instead he's going to let us
choose which ones we want!
Also I think he is going to have
multiples of each design

chrismandesign said...
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chrismandesign said...

great work MF & u r an envious F =PPPPP LOL i’m kidding... i love both the custom figures & their "merchandising elements" they say loud: "i love what i do & want u to do the same..." congrats for both of u =PPPPPP

Freak Studio said...

@Monsterforge: I think this post said, you're the man, man.

@Krakit: I can't wait until wave 2. I think you got 4 of these, right? Very cool! Welcome to the blog.

@Chris: No, no... You got it right... I envy Monsterforge for his talent... The bastard, how dares he to be more talented than me?

Not that it's THAT hard... :)